I hope you've enjoyed my work. If you don't mind I'd love to hear your feedback!

  • Cathy Patel

    on May 9, 2022

    It was so nice meeting you today. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of Peregrine behaviors, especially when getting ready to feed their babies. Your photography is incredible. Such detail and clarity. Beautiful. You certainly are a master of this art.

  • blanca valezzi

    on July 15, 2021

    Today I left my house and I never thought that I would have the great pleasure of meeting a great photographer, such a simple and pleasant person, I asked him something about my camera (I am new to Sony cameras) and he gladly answered and helped me. I asked him if he had a social network where I could see his work and he gave me his website, when I got home and went to see his work ... I was surprised to see his gallery and I said to myself, how lucky I was to meet him today, he made me the day

  • Truc Huynh

    on April 8, 2018

    Hi Anh Ly,
    I am so mesmerized by your nature pictures. In this westernized and always on the go world, it is such a privilege to be captivated by pictures of resplendent wildlife and magnificent landscape. It seems to me that during these moments of contemplating your pictures, life on earth stops and reveals its splendor to the few that have the benefit or luck of knowing your generosity in sharing your work . Every time I visited your website, these photos ( such as that of polar bears playing and caring for each other) somehow keep me serenely throughout the days despite life adversities .

  • Robert Fisher

    on November 14, 2017

    Ly- Your photos are awesome! Thanks for coming out with us on Saturday and sharing your photos of the eagles!

  • Tuong Nhut Nguyen

    on November 8, 2017

    I know Mr Dang on a chance occasion. Mr Dang is a nicest man I have ever known. After few hours surfing on Mr Dang's nature2pixels website, I just know that I have met one of the best nature photographers. His photos are technically and ideology for the world of wonder those need to be save in love and peace. Great work!

  • Sharpshooter 2011

    on September 24, 2017

    I bow to, and learn from the master...I embrace the friend...And I look forward to our next adventure...
    Ly, you exemplify what it means to prosper as a result of passion. Your mother and father genetically gave you your brains. But, your passion to strive to be the best at whatever you do as seen in this artful showing of your talent behind the camera in this masterful website is a choice. For those of us that marvel at such genius thank you Ly for sharing your passion. That you pay it forward and mentor others is being a wonderful steward of our collective art form.

  • Chris Bru

    on August 23, 2017

    Ly, thank you for sharing your amazing photography. It is impressive! Your passion for excellence is abundantly clear. I always look forward to see your next work of art. Best wishes, your friend...

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