Ly Dang, an award winning photographer,  was born in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam. Ly first became interested in photography during his teenage years, when he handled his first camera, borrowed from a friend's father. Born just a year before the outbreak of Vietnam's 20-year-long civil war however, Ly had very little opportunity to pursue these interests outside of work and school, nor did he have the means to support them. After the Vietnam War came to a close, Ly and his wife became two of the hundreds of thousands of boat people who fled the country in search of freedom and opportunity. The two arrived in the US after a strenuous year of travelling.

It was not until many years later after Ly became a successful engineer and father that he had the time and means to pursue his passion for photography. Ly now spends much of his free time travelling across the world to capture the real and spontaneous moments of the nature that surrounds us, and his incredible patience for waiting for these moments to unfold can be seen through his works. All of his works depict nature in its most primal state -- none of his photos were manufactured through the use of baiting wild animals, animals in captivity, or other similar means.

As an outdoor advocate and conservationist, Ly is happy to make his works available free-of-charge for nonprofit and educational use. For further information, please contact Ly directly using the Contact form above.

Below is the list of my gears:

Camera bodies: TBU

Lenses: TBU 

Teleconverters: TBU

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